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Greatness Mindset Apparel

Founded by Javelin Guidry of WP3 Sports, Greatness Mindset Apparel is an exclusive community of everyday people unapologetically committed to being CONFIDENT, AUTHENTIC, and INSPIRING others to Live in Greatness. The expression of “You-R Greatness” in everyday moments could be an act of courage, kind gesture, loving and serving others, living in humility, and working hard, while exercising initiative and integrity. At Greatness Mindset Apparel, we believe you are Enough, you are Worthy, and you Belong.

Warrior Parent Playbook

As a parent, coach, and former college athlete, Javelin Guidry is passionate about youth sports. That’s why he wrote the Warrior Parent Playbook and created WP3, a life-skills development program for young athletes and their parents. According to the Aspen Institute, three-fourths of American families include at least one kid who participates in youth sports. Guidry is committed to ensuring that these families help their kids become not just the best athlete, but the best person they can be. To thrive on the field . . . and beyond.

In this book, Javelin takes you beyond the X’s and O’s to explore and explain what really makes a difference, both on and off the field. Qualities like . . .